Kim affirmed the painful and poignant life transitions I was facing and helped me reframe my perceptions in ways that highlighted my value and worth. She has a gift for holding space gracefully, non-judgmentally, and for illuminating one’s capabilities. Kim is a compassionate accountability partner who is invested in her clients. I am deeply grateful! Kristina S - Seattle, WA

Are You Ready?

When you are ready to start coaching together, in a hundred tiny ways, things begin to shift.  You’ll recommit to caring for your body, mind, heart and soul. You will begin to discover ways to make life better that intuitively you knew before, but conveniently looked past, because they didn’t serve your desire to rationalize, numb out, give up or walk away. Partnering with a Professional Coach supports you to transcend your barriers and transform your life.

“Even for the most badass of badasses, we will need to rely on others to help us through the storm. Not because we’re weak...because we’re intelligent enough to know the edge of our capabilities, and strong enough to invite others into the arena alongside us.”

Jonathan Fields Author/Founder The GoodLife Project

Life Coaching

As a Professional Coach, I partner with you, building a trusting, dependable and professional relationship that supports you in discovering what is most meaningful for you in your life and to guide you towards developing your own inner tools and resources to achieve the life you desire.

At certain times in our lives we are all presented with challenges.  Some we are better equipped to deal with than others. We can find ourselves stuck, continuously going down the wrong path, or making choices that are not in our best interest or others. Partnering with a Professional Coach helps us gain clarity, develop inner tools and resources to resolve life’s tough challenges.

Clients seek life coaching for many different areas including:

  • Life & Career transitions

  • Work/Life balance

  • Stress reduction

  • Improving Health and Wellness

  • Relationship issues-Family/Parenting issues

Kim is a great support in her life coaching. She allows you to see what you might want to achieve and helps you to make that a reality. Kim is perceptive and supportive, but also goes above and beyond to help you with whatever you choose as a focus for your coaching. I really found sessions useful in realizing my true north and navigating the way to get there.
— Rosie H - UK

Recovery Coaching

As a Professional Recovery Coach, I focus on my clients as a “whole-person” and support them to develop inner resources and tools to build self-resilience and experience joy again in their lives.  Creating a trusting, safe environment and deep listening is the foundation for our coaching relationship together and for your transformational process.

As a Recovery Coach, I use an evidence-based, solutions focused approach (Positive Psychology and Cognitive Behaviour techniques), professional and real life experience to support my clients in their recovery journey. We are all recovering from something at times in our lives and we recover better together.

Wherever you are in your recovery journey - thinking about change, preparing for action, taking action, relapsing or maintaining a good thing for life, I’ll meet you there - without judgement, shame or fear.

Clients seek Recovery Coaching for wide variety of life challenges including:

  • Substance use

  • Behavioural health issues

  • Physical health issues

  • Codependency

  • Eating disorders

  • Grief

  • Low self-esteem

  • Perfectionism

  • Trauma

Recovery Coaching does not replace therapy, counselling, 12 Step programs or other treatment modalities. Recovery Coaching adds an additional dimension of support and coaches respect and recognize there are many paths to recovery.  

How long does coaching take?

Making the journey from where you are now to where you want to be can take time, effort and support.  How much and how fast will be up to your commitment to exploring the possibilities that await you. For most people the coaching process takes a minimum of six months.  It can take a longer or shorter period of time depending on the depth of change desired.

Coaching Services

Coaching services are offered virtually (phone, Zoom, Skype) or in person

Discovery Call

Complimentary 50 minutes

An opportunity for us to connect virtually and explore if coaching together works for us.  I dedicate up to an hour to learn what you want to achieve through our coaching relationship together and you get to ask questions about me and how I work with clients. Then, we can do a mini-coaching session and you can get a glimpse about what it will be like to coach together.  

Individual Coaching Session

(60 mins) - $120

Four Month Package

$375 per month

  • Introductory Coaching Session

    (90 mins)

  • 3 Sessions per month

    (50 mins)

  • Support materials, worksheets and resources

  • Unlimited email and text support as needed

  • Completion Coaching Session

    (90 mins)

Six Month Package

$325 per month

  • Introductory Coaching Session

    (90 mins)

  • 3 Sessions per month

    (50 mins)

  • Support materials, worksheets and resources

  • Unlimited email and text support as needed

  • Completion Coaching Session

    (90 mins)

No client will be refused access to coaching based on ability to pay.  Please contact me to discuss options.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

Marianne Williamson (Author A Return to Love)